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Senior Diamond Mounter, High Jewellery

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Salary: DOE Location: UK Type: Permanent


My client has an opportunity for a Senior Diamond Mounter in the UK to join their team; they are looking for an experienced Senior Diamond Mounter with proven experience in high end luxury jewellery design. We are looking for an exceptional individual who is used to working with the highest quality diamonds and gemstones.
Due to the confidentially agreement with the client it is necessary to remain as discreet as possible rendering us unable to disclose the details of the client at this stage. I understand that it can be frustrating to discuss career moves on such ambiguous terms, but I can assure you this is a promising opportunity that will involve building relationships with highly influential members of the industry.

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Senior Diamond Mounter, High Jewellery - Luxury Recruit Senior Diamond Mounter, High Jewellery - Luxury Recruit Applicationx
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