Diversity & Inclusion

Engaging With Change

Luxury Recruit’s commitment to diversity, inclusion and equality is long-standing.

A Commitment

We are dedicated to ensuring that our search and recruitment services remain consistent and fair throughout all processes, for both our clients and prospective candidates. We want to champion the representation of diverse talent and this pursuit can only be achieved once we have built a truly diverse and inclusive culture within our own organisation.

We believe that Luxury Recruit’s global service must draw on and reflect a full range of backgrounds and perspectives. Though the relationships we cultivate with our clients and candidates are based on specialised needs, we want the members of our community to be treated equally and accommodated to the same high standards.

To Actively Engage

Diversity and Inclusion at Luxury Recruit is a social responsibility that defines our organisation and working practices. This work begins with us. For example, we encourage collaborative, communicative relationships within our consultancy team that ensures a shared network of world-class candidates for us to engage with; all representative of a wide-range of backgrounds. Our global service process is made infinitely stronger when defined by diversity. At Luxury Recruit, founder and CEO, Mr. Mirza and our wider team acknowledges that diversity positively influences corporate innovation – client and candidate centricity, the Luxury Recruit team’s job satisfaction and ultimately, our professional performance.

Ultimately, we are motivated by the cultivation of a working environment defined by equality, that will, in turn, breed equity for our employees. Equity can only occur when all members of our diverse population of employees have equal opportunities and are supported to succeed and grow. This practice is extended to both our clients and the candidates we work with. All clients can expect their executive search processes to be tailored to their individual diversity needs. We will work closely with you to ensure that your recruitment process generates globally diverse candidates that are of excellent quality and the right fit for your organisation.

And Incite Change

For multinational businesses, such as Luxury Recruit, to succeed, they must be open to a variety of opinions and strategies; that reflect the growing diversity present in their workplace, community, clients and prospective candidates, and present in the current market. We are committed to sourcing senior-level executives from diverse backgrounds and their placement in your company will make you better prepared to meet all challenges.

Engaging with Change
“New Actions for a New Age”

We want to attract talent that stands representative of our global community.
It is important to consider gender, ethnicity, social mobility, nationality, sexual orientation, age, disability and neurodiversity when sourcing new talent, the promotion of diverse opinion is crucial. It is not only a priority within our recruitment processes but a criteria at the forefront of all searches.
We have devised several actions that will assure total transparency regarding our new Diversity and Inclusion practices.

A Universal Language

We intend to promote the use of unbiased language in all Luxury Recruit briefs and documents. This will prove simultaneously advantageous to both client and candidate. Your voice is important and we will remain vigilant when protecting your intentions. We believe no prospective client or candidate should be discouraged by bias wording that could negatively affect the status of any career opportunity or profile.

Communicate Clear Intentions

We will work diligently to agree upon all specific criteria for prospective roles with our clients, in advance of the interview phase in our hiring process. This practice will promote active collaboration between our recruitment team and client(s) and give all candidates an equal experience.

Uncover Emergent Talent

We are committed to pushing the envelope when it comes to discovering new, diverse talent. Though our service process advocates for a focus on a “direct search approach”, we are motivated to look for candidates in potentially unusual places. It could be the best solution to find comparable experience, as opposed to a direct response to a role’s specifications. This will make for innovative choices in our hiring processes.

A Diverse Panel

Luxury Recruit wants to build a culture where diversity is championed, so that inclusion, in time, can be honestly achieved. Effective immediately, we will ensure that diversity is present within all of our internal recruitment panels.

Starting at Home

We are dedicated to becoming a truly diverse workforce. We are proud that over 75% of the Luxury Recruit global team are women, and their representation in the company’s management and consultancy team is a priority. This practice will be reflected in our search processes and the candidates we will source. We must hold a mirror up to the industry, to highlight both our achievements and the challenges we are yet to overcome.

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