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Working right across the industry, we have developed deep relationships with innovative travel, leisure and hospitality businesses.

In the age of disruption, customer retention has become the critical focus of the travel and leisure industry.

For executives in the travel, leisure and hospitality industries, the creation of consumer-centric strategies is crucial to their success. Without a complete re-imagining of the end-to-end user journey, businesses, from airlines to hotels, will find themselves in an increasingly expensive battle to attract customers.

We connect our clients with innovative talent solutions and sector expertise in:

  • Travel: tour operators, agents, online travel, cruise, luxury automotive, aviation & transportation
  • Hospitality: hotels and resorts, casual dining, QSR, food service & fine dining, pubs & nightlife
  • Leisure: gaming, visitor attractions, cinemas, gyms & fitness

We live in a smart world where disruptive technologies have altered the landscape. The proliferation of tech in travel, food and entertainment has revolutionised all facets of the sector. This continues to fuel growth, but it also challenges businesses in competition for tomorrow’s customer – guests, diners, travellers and adventurers – as consumer expectations grow in the quest for enriching personal experiences, challenges, connection and total well-being.


The automotive industry is in the midst of a broad transition, as the borders between tech companies and automotive manufacturers increasingly blur. A similar trend can be observed between the automotive and luxury goods sectors – though convergence here is driven more by brand perceptions and production strategies than autonomous driving and electrification.

In many respects, luxury car companies have more in common with makers of luxury goods than with mass-market carmakers. Rolls-Royce CEO Torsten Müller-Ötvös, insisting that he is in the luxury goods business, said the purchasing experience is not buying a car but “commissioning a work of art…building a dream”. As a branding strategy, distancing themselves from the greater automotive industry has worked for luxury car-makers.

Leadership must be agile, able to balance both an internal and external agenda. It’s important for an organisation to nurture its digital persona and encourage tech adoption, but it must remain equally focused on the meaningful employee engagement and talent retention that translates tech into results.


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