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Product Development Executive – Jewellery

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Salary: Upto £60k + Bonuses Location: Central London Type: Permanent


To give you a sense of the job description, we are currently looking for a candidate to take on a role as a senior development executive for a prestigious label. You will be working with a universally recognizable brand and some highly influential members of the industry; the task involves room for a lot of creativity and you will have a palpable impact on the brand’s image over the next five years.

You will be in charge of strategic product development planning for 5 years, including costs management. You will manage all product development projects for the client accessories and jewellery. As well as these practical duties, the role also demands a degree of creativity. As product developer, you will need to possess expert theoretical and practical capability and experience and you will oversee 2 seasonal collection developments from a technical point of view. You will also give insight into the feasibility of developments. You will devise seasonal product development strategies as well as pricing / line category management and maximise cost efficiencies. Finally you will develop close relationships with international specialised manufacturers, and negotiate best possible prices for each project – streamlining manufacturing process and developing best practice.

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